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Friday data center tidbits: the cloud industrial revolution and more.

First up today is a piece likening the move to cloud computing to the change from steam power to electricity. It sure is, complete with the same re-occurring bunch of Luddites trying to derail it. Funny how history repeats itself.

Next up is the piece about saving money by building multiple data center tiers in the same facility. First off, I don’t know how this qualifies as “greening” the data center. Second, avoiding under-building or over-building the data center to the needs of what’s going in it is news?

Finally, there’s the speculation that Twitter’s new data center will put paid to the Fail Whale. I doubt it, but now there won’t be any guess work to who’s REALLY at fault when it blows up.

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Wednesday data center tidbits.

Best idea of the week, Twitter uses Bit Torrent to reduce data center loads by pushing file updates to servers more efficiently. This is a fantastic idea, even out the loads involved with file updates without creating “bubbles”. I can see this working really well in a cloud computing environment.

Next up is the piece about MuleSoft providing Apache Tomcat Java web app servers on cloud computing services. You take a garden variety virtual server on a cloud computing service, load a garden variety open source package on it, and this is news? Oh, by the way, you can load Tomcat on one of our cloud powered Linux virtual servers in a couple of minutes and for far less than $.35 an hour.

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Wednesday data center tidbits.

First on the list is the story of Network Solutions having hundreds of shared web hosting sites hacked and defaced. It amazes me that people are agonizing over the security of data center virtual cloud computing but nobody thinks there’s anything wrong with an (antiquated) system where one poorly written customer web site can lead to hundreds of breaches.

Best outage response goes to Twitter for their Whale Watcher script. In automatic response to Fail Whales, this script automatically reviews the last 100,000 lines of server logs. Do you mount that kind of response to your server errors?

Buggiest software award goes to Microsoft for the ongoing Internet Explorer “Google attack” follies. 3 different versions of IE, multiple recommended workarounds and they’re STILL hacking in to it. Remember, your data center security isn’t just your servers, getting a trusted workstation hacked is even worse. Anyone running IE on any data center machine is taking a BAD bet.

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Friday data center tidbits.

The buzz this morning is about Twitter being “hacked”. Far from the actual site being hacked, this appears to have been a simple case of DNS cache poisoning, a well known vulnerability of older versions of DNS server software. The disturbing thing about this is that Twitter isn’t paying attention to updating software for widely known holes like this, not what you’d expect from a major IT company. What else isn’t being kept up to date?

Research In Motion decided they needed to get in on the action before the end of the year and blow up BlackBerry email during another maintenance gone awry. With the number of major outages on the net this year resulting from maintenance activities, I think most of these big companies need a refresher course in how to plan a maintenance without screwing it up.

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