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Friday data center tidbits: what does Google Wave say about cloud computing? Nothing.

First up today is a piece trying to make a connection between the demise of Google Wave and cloud computing. One of the strong points about cloud computing is that it ISN’T different enough not to integrate with existing data center facilities. You think you’re having trouble getting people to adopt cloud computing now, try telling them they have to do a forklift upgrade of the data center and it’s a one way jump.

Next up is the piece about IBM defending it’s performance on it’s data center contract with the State of Texas. This is the same bunch of dorks that allowed a storage array they KNEW was failing to go down and impact the Texas elections system just prior to the last election. Shut up, do it right, or don’t do it at all.

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Wednesday data center tidbits.

I was just reading about the revision of the state of Texas data center contract with IBM. What struck me about this was the statement that state departments had complained about IBMs performance 800 times in only 2 years. This wasn’t just an isolated, this was about as far wrong as something could go. Yikes!

Next up is the story about making hypervisors trustworthy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any piece of writing so totally fact free. A quick check of the product shows that it’s a configuration management tool, not a fix for hypervisors full of bandaids and security problems as the orginal article states. To borrow from South Park, I call shenanigans!

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Monday data center tidbits.

First item up is the story that Virginia has had massive service failures in state departments because their $2.3B outsourcing deal with Northrop Grumman neglected to require network redundancy. What is it with providers these days just happily letting customers walk off the cliff? 12 outages and 100 hours of downtime in 5 WEEKS! It’s like IBM and Texas where IBM knew a piece of equipment was problematic and allowed it to fail without backup because backup wasn’t specified. Go the extra mile and be the hero, people!

Worst capacity planning award: Ebay kills its search functionality for most of the day Saturday. Gee, people are going to do more selling coming up to Christmas, who’d have thought?

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Is your data center the hero or the goat?

The guys from IBM can’t seem to catch a break. First it was a spectacular crash and burn in New Zealand, now it’s the State of Texas dropping IBM.

13 days of outage for a government agency of any sort is painful enough. IBM however made it worse by blaming the outage and data loss on an old piece of SAN equipment that they took over from Texas as part of their contract to upgrade and replace the systems in question. They knew the equipment was suspect and simply didn’t bother to put in place even a temporary backup until it was replaced.

Self inflicted catastrophes are the worst. It doesn’t matter whose equipment it was originally, once you take that kind of responsibility for it, you take the lumps when it cracks up. I’m sure TX wasn’t paying for temporary backup space for this thing, but it was an easy way to look like a hero and would have been far cheaper than what they lost. Instead they end up as the goat, not to mention the credibility whack from knowing it was an extreme risk and allowing it to happen.

How much is it worth to your data center to be the hero and not the goat?

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