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Show and tell: Pictures from the #datacenter

I thought I’d do something a little different today and put up some pictures and info about our green data center and cloud computing infrastructure. Enjoy!

Data center specs:

Power: 48VDC 800A(primary), 130VDC (available), 208Y120VAC (available)
Power density: 24KW per cabinet
Cooling: direct free air cooling with conventional backup
Power backup: multiple battery strings with greater than 8 hour run time
Cabinet type: vertical chimney
Lighting: T8 fluorescent with electronic ballast

An average set of cabinets:

(These are Rittal vertical chimney cabinets.)

The heart of the energy efficient 800A 48VDC power plant:

A 48VDC distribution panel:

(This is a redundant A-B dual feed panel that feeds subpanels in individual cabinets.)

A Peco II 48VDC inverter:

(The inverter allows us to run the small amount of equipment that’s only available with AC power from the same 48VDC power plant.)

Cloud computing servers:

(These are an example of the servers supporting our cloud computing operations. These are 2x AMD Opteron, 1U, 1/2 length case.)

Email or call me or visit the SwiftWater Telecom web site for green data center services today.


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Announcement: upgrading the virtual data center cloud!

Announcing new upgraded features for the SwiftWater Telecom RCS cloud computing service!

In addition to the standard web console that allows you to access your virtual server or virtual workstation from almost any computer with a web browser without having to install any software, we’re pleased to announce pre-loaded support for the NoMachine NX client! NX supports Linux (32 bit and 64 bit), Mac OSX, Solaris, and Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, and 7.

With the NX client, you can now share your local drives with the virtual workstation, making it simple to more files back and forth, share printers so you can print from your virtual workstation to your local printer, and share multimedia channels. Sharing multimedia channels allows you to play music or videos on your virtual workstation and hear it through your local speakers!

Our virtual workstations also include:

Firefox web browser with Java and Flash preloaded
Thunderbird email
Adobe Reader
OpenOffice.org (Microsoft Office compatible suite)
Pidgin Internet Messenger (AOL, MSN, ICQ, Google, MySpace, Yahoo compatible!)
Bluefish (web page editor)
WINE (run Windows software!)
Web browser console

Step up to the best equipped cloud powered virtual workstations and virtual servers anywhere!

Virtual Private Workstations
Virtual Private Servers
Cloud Powered Virtual Bundles


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Putting the virtual data center cloud to use, pt2.

This is the second in a series of posts I’ve been doing to give ideas on how to effectively use the data center cloud. We have this wonderful technology that makes the data center green and cuts costs, but a lot of people seem to be at a loss how to apply it!

Today I’m talking about hybrid cloud configurations. One of the facts about cloud computing is that it’s not the right choice for every work load. Heavy load applications that consume large amounts of memory, use a large pecentage of resources on a dedicated server, and depend on consistent very low response times, such as busy database servers, are not a good application for a move to cloud services.

So, does this mean you can’t take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing? You certainly can with a hybrid cloud!

Simply take one of our dedicated servers, or co-locate your own server with us, and ask for a connection to our dedicated high speed cloud storage network. This gives all the power and speed of the dedicated server and the ability to use less expensive cloud virtual servers as the front end. This would be a great application for a busy e-commerce web site.

Now you have the ultimate in flexibility. Need more front end capacity to handle a surge in sales? Quickly turn up more virtual servers with just a press of a button. all with the same high speed connection to your data. Need less capacity? Simply turn down virtual servers you no longer need. The time to adjust your capacity has now dropped from weeks down to minutes!

Best of all, backup of your data from your co-located or dedicated server can now be a snap!

SwiftWater Telecom’s Resilient Cloud Services, stability, flexibility, and value.


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Announcing the new virtual server and virtual workstation!

SwiftWater Telecom announces the release of our new upgraded virtual private workstation and virtual private server! Powered by our data center cloud, the VPW 2.0 provides a powerful Enterprise Linux workstation preloaded with the best productivity software while the VPS 2.0 provides a totally ready to go server. The VPW 2.0 and the VPS 2.0 are now accessible with any Java enabled web browser, no software to load and starting from just $10 per month!

Get more details on our VPW 2.0

Get more details on our VPS 2.0

Learn more about our powerful data center virtual cloud!

SwiftStation VPW 2.0 Specifications
Operating System: CentOS 5.4 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux)(desktop load)
Control Panel: Webmin
Includes XWindows and Gnome desktop
Firefox (web browser)/Thunderbird (email)
OpenOffice (Microsoft Office compatible suite)
Pidgin Internet Messenger (AOL, MSN, ICQ, Google, MySpace, Yahoo compatible!)
Bluefish (web page editor)
WINE (run Windows software!)

SwiftServer VPS 2.0 Specifications
Operating System: CentOS 5.4 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux, server load).
Root password provided
Email and DNS hosting included!
XWindows and Gnome desktop
Firefox (web browser) and Thunderbird (email)
Apache 2.2 (web server)
MySQL, PHP, Perl
Webmin (server control panel)


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