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Wednesday data center tidbits.

First up today is ponderings about whether it would be better to reuse existing suitable buildings for data centers rather than keep duplicating buildings just for the sake of being new. I’ve written quite a bit here on the blog about going as green as possible by taking advantage of the embodied carbon in existing buildings (millions of square feet of former mill space here in the East) and the unique features of many of these buildings that make them a great choice for data center use (incredibly strong, huge amounts of power, ideal for free air cooling). You want to be really green, use what’s here already rather cut down a forest to build yet another building.

Next up is the story about Google not claiming the tax incentives for its South Carolina data centers. Just another example of throwing gifts at huge corporations who don’t need them only to get nothing out of it. I know I don’t have the celebrity status of Google, but I guarantee I could create a pile of good data center jobs for the local community with just fraction of the Google goodie bags (hey Maine politicians and economic development folks, you listening?).

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