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Tuesday data center tidbits.

Today we have the strange revelation, that, while Facebook is touting the use of renewable power resources in its Oregon data center, the utility supplying them is actually mostly coal fired. Cheap? Probably. Renewable? Not unless you’ve got millions of years. Green? Not a chance. Greenwash? Sounds like it to me.

Next up is the new IBM data center exhibit at Disney. Not that I havn’t been in a few data centers that were akin to a thrill ride (or a house of horrors), but I can’t imagine this being a big attraction (now festoon those IBM cabinets with iPads and you might have an attraction!).


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Monday afternoon data center tidbits.

I’ve been reading about the great Facebook Oregon data center money giveaway. It’s funny that a lot of states won’t give a hoot about locally based and operated businesses that might actually benefit their communities, but they’ll hand out $2.8 million to a huge corporation to get 35 jobs (power for next to nothing and the right weather for free air cooling wasn’t enough). I wonder how long it will take them to recover the $80,000 they’re buying each job for.

If you’re going to spend money for economic growth, do it smart.


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Sunday data center tidbits.

First up this morning is the question, when is Amazon going to offer an SSD based AWS instance.The answer is simple, when the average user feels like paying the current excessive premium that SSD commands now. I rather suspect that most people who really NEED SSD will not be using a cloud based solution.

I was interested to read a bit about Facebook’s gargantuan traffic numbers. The current rate adds up to more than 6 million page views a MINUTE. It gives you a perspective on the kind of impact that happens when a data center goes to heck from someone monkeying around in a live electrical panel or a poorly planned and executed maintenance. No matter how small our individual data centers might be, we should all run them as if they were this important.


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