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Cloud computing security and unreasonable expectations.

I’ve just been reading about how one company got “burned by cloud computing security”. The cloud computing security debate has now officially jumped the shark.

The example given here is a web site customer that chose an ultra cheap ($6.95 a month) hosting company for their legal related business web site. The customer then built a buggy as hell PHP based web site that was promptly and repeatedly hacked for 3 months, overwriting code and serving malware to its visitors. The hosting company verified that the problem wasn’t with it’s servers and told the customer to clean its site up. Customer did a lousy job of it and kept getting hacked, so they left for another hosting service at $400 per month that would maintain all the site code for them. Customer still thinks first hosting company should have been responsible for fixing the security problems in their buggy site.

First off, what the heck does this have to do with cloud computing? Absolutely nothing whatsoever. Cloud computing can’t protect people from themselves, it’s not some kind of magic wand. Calling this a cloud computing security issue is nothing but cloudwashing.

Next, what the hell is wrong with someone to think a hosting provider is going to work on their web site and fix the security bugs in their pages for $6.95 a month? And then have no problem unloading $400 a month to another provider that will and still badmouth the $6.95 provider? Somehow the hosting provider is supposed to protect the customer from themselves because they aren’t competent to write their own web pages?

And then to knock down the first hosting provider because they turned down the customer’s request to do it for more money. They’re in the business of providing low cost hosting, not coding web sites. Sheesh.If this is where customer expectations are headed, ultra cheap, expecting services the provider doesn’t offer, and expecting the provider to fix all your web site bugs, I have no idea where sanity has gone.

I’ll be more than happy to provide anyone with an inexpensive unmanaged cloud computing powered virtual machine. Take the unmanaged virtual machine and you’re responsible for all the system administration. I’ll also be happy to provide a fully managed machine and handle all the system admin for you. I’ll even be happy to maintain and develop your site code for you. Just don’t buy the cheapest package and expect I’m going to fix your buggy site for free.

And sure as heck don’t go to another provider and complain that I wouldn’t do it for 1/50th of what you’re willing to pay them,

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Friday data center tidbits.

First up today is an article about greenwashing. Just looking at the PR releases flowing in the Twitter stream shows not only egregious greenwash (HP’s Wynyard data center starts off air cooled, then wind cooled, then GLACIAL wind cooled) but high levels of cloudwash as well (I define cloudwash as the attachment of the term “cloud” to things having little or nothing whatsoever to do with cloud computing). Come on folks, can the BS and actually DO something worth the claim!

Next up is the piece about Washington’s data center tax giveaway passing. I hope they have better luck than South Carolina did with Google.

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