How to improve data center efficiency with Green Eco Filler Panels.

Vern Burke, SwiftWater Telecom
Biddeford Maine

Are you killing your data center’s efficiency by leaving empty spaces in your cabinets open? Allowing the cooling air for your servers to mix with the hot exhaust air wastes energy, pollutes the environment, and hurts your pocketbook!

The SwiftWater Telecom Green Eco Filler Panel eliminates the shortcomings of tradition filler panels. Now there’s no reason to leave your data center server cabinets leaking air and leaking money!

Lightweight: Traditional metal filler panels are heavy. Green Eco Filler Panels are feather light. Less wasted weight in the server cabinet, less weight (and cost!) to ship, easier to handle.

Easy to install: Traditional filler panels require 4 screws or more for every filler panel. Green Eco Filler Panels only require 2 screws for each upper, lower, or splice bracket. Fillers up to 22U only require 6 screws!

Easy to use: Traditional filler panels require unscrewing to remove them. Green Eco Filler Panels can be easily snapped in and out of the brackets in seconds with no tools required at all!

Superior air seal: Traditional filler panels require a gap between them to allow for adjustment, leaving air leaks. Green Eco Filler Panels allow for adjustment in the rack without sacrificing the air seal!

Flexible sizing: Traditional filler panels are only commonly available in 1U increments. Many pieces of rackmount equipment use 1/2U sizes, leaving gaps the traditional panels can’t fill in. Green Eco Filler Panels are available in 1/2U sizes!

Insulation: Traditional filler panels have no insulating value at all. Green Eco Filler Panels will actually insulate the cold air from the hot!

Lower cost: Traditional filler panels are expensive to buy and ship. Green Eco Filler Panels are inexpensive and their light weight makes shipping a breeze!

It’s time to toss out those leaky, inefficient traditional filler panels and help your bottom line by filling those empty holes in your server cabinets with Green Eco Filler Panels!

Email me for more information, call 207-399-7108, or visit the Green Eco Filler Panels page to order!


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