Announcing: SwiftWater Edge Tool Works, blade and tool sharpening and repair.

Vern Burke, SwiftWater Telecom
Biddeford Maine

I’m going to part from our usual blog topics today to welcome the newest member of the SwiftWater Biddeford Companies, SwiftWater Edge Tool Works!

SwiftWater Edge Tool Works is based in Biddeford Maine and provides saw, tool, and blade sharpening, straightening, repair, and tool restoration services. If it has an edge, SwiftWater Edge Tool Works can sharpen it!

  • Home, Farm, Commercial, Industrial
  • Hand saws, circular saws, 1 and 2 man crosscut saws
  • Household and commercial knives
  • Chisels, plane irons, planer knives
  • Chain saws, axes
  • Mowing machine knives, Bush Hog blades
  • Lawn and garden
  • Straightening and handle replacement

If you don’t see your edge listed, just ask!


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