Thursday data center tidbits: gold plated SSD, more crazy data center metrics

Vern Burke, SwiftWater Telecom
Biddeford, Maine

First up today is the piece about LSI releasing a 300GB SSD solid state drive for almost $12,000. The speed is certainly impressive but is it really worth the price premium between a sub $100 traditional hard drive vs a $12K SSD of the same capacity?

The next piece is about the new data center metrics from The Green Grid, CUE (carbon usage effectiveness) and WUE (water usage effectiveness). Instead of taking the opportunity to create some truly useful and accurate metrics, they’ve created two that suffer from exactly the same faults as PUE (power usage effectiveness), namely that they do not take into account actual work being produced and are ridiculously easy to game. I’ll give The Green Grid credit for swinging, but this is the second and third whiffs in a row.

Finally, we come to more what if cloud computing security hysteria.
From the article comes the quote “What if the service you’re using merges with another company or goes bankrupt?”. Um, exactly the same thing if your co-location provider merges or goes bankrupt. This is NOT a cloud computing specific issue. The “users are uneasy about it” line is NOT valid evidence that there’s anything wrong at all with cloud computing security.

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