Tuesday data center tidbits: PayPal doesn’t pay, scary virtual servers

Vern Burke, SwiftWater Telecom
Biddeford, ME

First up today is the piece about the recent 3+ hour data center failure at PayPal. Yet another self inflicted injury by a major company who should know better. Just in case the message isn’t clear, it might be a good idea to actually TEST your failover procedures BEFORE things actually fail. (Hmmmm, I wonder where you’d put the parking brake in a data center 🙂 )

Next is the piece about the “scary side” of virtual servers. Everyone is having major angst over theoretical security “problems” when all of the issues I see are failure to follow the same well established best practices that work just fine for physical machines. It’s far easier for an attacker to compromise a virtual server with bad sysadmin practices than to invent a totally new hypervisor attack. Oh, and if you can’t trust your data center admin to do his job without having to be physically roadblocked by other departments, you have worse problems than virtualization.

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