Monday data center tidbits: Unhyping the cloud, Facebook INsanity checks

First up today is a piece about cutting out the cloud computing hype. The problem isn’t so much the hype over cloud computing as it is the rampant outright misuse of the term cloud, attaching it to things aren’t even remotely cloudy in an attempt to ride cloud computing’s coattails without actually making the effort to DO cloud computing.

Next up is the recent Facebook service fiasco. Getting your system to mark it’s own code as invalid and not hand the problem to a human to validate before taking radical action is especially brain dead. On top of that, now you have an error compounded on top of the original error and you have a cascading failure, all because of no sanity checking and no break for human input. Facebook gets our data center bozos of the day award for trusting too much in automation and then blowing it.

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