Announcing the Xen Cloud Control System virtual appliance for Xen Cloud platform!

Announcing Xen Cloud Control System ver

Virtual Appliance for Xen Cloud Platform

We’re pleased to announce the release of XCCS ver for Xen Cloud Platform! XCCS is a lightweight front end package for the excellent Xen Cloud Platform cloud computing system. Version is a slightly modified release for our pre-configured and simple to install virtual appliance.

Download the virtual appliance, import it to your XCP cloud and be up and running XCCS in just minutes!


Full cloud administration

Load balancing


Fully automatic disaster recovery

High availability and low latency features

Xen Cloud Control System is available for download from!


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6 responses to “Announcing the Xen Cloud Control System virtual appliance for Xen Cloud platform!

  1. Hello Vern,
    I don’t know if this is the correct place to ask some question…
    To test I just made a little setup of 3 XCP 1.0b hosts pool connected with a CentOS server with your XCCS and a big NFS share to host VM image.
    I have some problem setting up HA with watchdog, I think I’m missing something.
    1) I used XCP 1.0b because is compatible with xencenter, which is very handy in this test phase; is your XCCS compatible with this version?
    2) I didn’t configured an alternative pool master: is a necessity for VM HA?
    3) I only configured VM Watchdog and VM Watchdog priority, but when I power off (I unplugged energy) the phisical host, nothing happen: in XCCS and in XenCenter i see ” the host up (!!!) but I can’t move a VM on another host, simply hangs.
    4) I saw a, a and do I have to put them in a cron script?
    5) After I restored energy to powered off host, after a while I see the VMs in stopped mode, but they didn’t start automatically. If I try to start, XenCenter return me a VDI error; then I have to detach disk from VM and reattach it. I tried before with a iSCSI storage and I had the same problem. Now I think is a problem of XCP v.10b, can you tell me if there is the same problem in XCP 0.5?
    Many thanks for the answes,
    P.S. just a little bug in builder package: there are a typo error on the lasts 2 yum install.

    yum -y install mod_perl (not yum -y install mod-perl)
    yum -y install mod_python (not yum -y install mod_python)

    • Alberto:
      I havn’t done a lot of 1.0 testing but there shouldn’t be anything that would break XCCS. host-watchdog is the down host checker, vm-watchdog is the down vm checker, and load-balancer is, of course, the load balancer. Make sure they’re in /etc/crontab (XCCS should have put them there automatically, let me know if it didn’t), I usually run all three on a sliding 10 minute basis and host-watchdog first (host-watchdog runs every 10, vm-watchdog runs every 10+2, load-balancer runs every 10+5).

      Restoring the failed host shouldn’t reset the VMs to halted. The pool master should show them running until you issue power state reset. You shouldn’t ever have to detach and reattach the virtual disk, I’ve never seen that behavior in 0.5 .

      Thanks for the typo corrections, I’ve been a bit overloaded so I havn’t been working at XCCS as much as I maybe should :). I should have the next fairly major release coming out in a week or so. Let me know if you have any more trouble!


      • No fortune, next week I’ll try with old 0.5 stable version, first because the need of reattaching virtual disk.
        I confirm /etc/crontab is empty, I don’t see any reference to “crontab” in build/setup/finish scripts; I put that line manually.

        The problem now is simple: if I shutdown a guest or an entire host, XCP puts ha-always-run to false and the the vm rest down (I think that is correct).
        If I try to unplug the energy from an host, XCP didn’t recognize the problem and, then, did nothing. In this test setup, I don’t have an alternate pool master: could be this the problem?

  2. Hi Vern! I’m very interested in XCCP but I’m curious if development has continued since 2010, or if you’ve hung up your hat on it?

    I certainly have no expectations from you, but this could be a beautiful thing and a way around doing a DIY HA solution for XCP. If development has continued, that would be awesome! If not, thank you for your contribution & I’ll see what I can do with what’s already there.

    • Hey Josh! Nice to see someone still looking at XCCS :). I lost my supporting IT business in the economic disaster, so my career path took a drastic turn away from IT. I do still have and operate my XCP cloud and, now that things are stabilizing a bit for me, I fully intend to get back to XCCS again (I made a New Year’s resolution 🙂 ). I’ll be starting an overhaul of the code probably tomorrow to neaten up things, I should have an updated roadmap published within the next week!


      • Sorry to hear about your business’ fortunes; you certainly weren’t the only one to experience that & I’m glad things are getting back to normal. I’m part of the Spiceworks community & there is some interest in your project. Having a way to get the HA benefits of XenServer without having to pay the expensive licensing costs or doing it the manual way would be a much-desired feature!

        Perhaps you could add a way for people to contribute funding to your project; I’ll see what I can do to get people to come & visit!

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