Monday data center tidbits: generator smog and misusing PUE (again)

First up is the piece about Quincy WA dithering about the environmental impact of data center backup generators. I’ve got news for someone, if you’re running the generators enough to cause a blip in the health of the local area, you probably should be considering a different location because that means the commercial power is WAY bad.

Next piece is about Digital Realty talking about PUE and efficiency. The comment of note here is that they determined the initial PUE from the load bank testing. How in heck could you get a meaningful PUE from load bank testing? Sure, you’re consuming power, generating heat, and removing heat, but the airflow in the data center is not even going to be close to the real IT equipment environment. The fact that that wasn’t close to accurate shouldn’t have come as any surprise.

Finally, from the piece above, we also get the piece of wisdom that you only get good PUE from fully loaded data centers. My own data center, currently loaded at 10% (anyone looking for data center capacity?) averages 1.2 and, with the kick off of fall, we’re reusing 100% of the waste heat to heat the rest of the building.

Email or call me or visit the SwiftWater Telecom web site for green data center services today.


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