Show and tell: Pictures from the #datacenter

I thought I’d do something a little different today and put up some pictures and info about our green data center and cloud computing infrastructure. Enjoy!

Data center specs:

Power: 48VDC 800A(primary), 130VDC (available), 208Y120VAC (available)
Power density: 24KW per cabinet
Cooling: direct free air cooling with conventional backup
Power backup: multiple battery strings with greater than 8 hour run time
Cabinet type: vertical chimney
Lighting: T8 fluorescent with electronic ballast

An average set of cabinets:

(These are Rittal vertical chimney cabinets.)

The heart of the energy efficient 800A 48VDC power plant:

A 48VDC distribution panel:

(This is a redundant A-B dual feed panel that feeds subpanels in individual cabinets.)

A Peco II 48VDC inverter:

(The inverter allows us to run the small amount of equipment that’s only available with AC power from the same 48VDC power plant.)

Cloud computing servers:

(These are an example of the servers supporting our cloud computing operations. These are 2x AMD Opteron, 1U, 1/2 length case.)

Email or call me or visit the SwiftWater Telecom web site for green data center services today.


swiftwater telecom rcs cloud computing logo


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