Friday data center tidbits:shelling the servers, Google does one right.

First up today is the piece about the polycarbonate shield and plastic curtain for protecting data center cabinets from overhead leaks and debris. Not a bad idea at first glance but I think this thing would impact airflow from and to the cabinets horrendously.

Second up is the piece about Google adding capacity for the launch of their new “Instant” feature. Kudos to Google for not only providing a good example by focusing on extreme efficiency in the way they use their existing data center capacity, but also managing to roll out a substantial upgrade without blowing it up (hey Digg, are you watching?).

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2 responses to “Friday data center tidbits:shelling the servers, Google does one right.

  1. Could you see how they addressed vibration issues and ensuring a proper seal between the vertical conduit and polycarb seal? I would of thought the primary pathway for any water would be this route.

    • You know, that’s a good point, I didn’t even notice that. Conduit penetrations are hard enough things to seal well in the first place, but this critter is held up by long spindly rods that must flex, so any seal would have to allow the thing to move and still seal the fixed conduits.

      I can’t help but think this is a good idea in theory but probably mixed results in service.


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