Friday data center tidbits: #datacenter failure excuses

Ok, so this one’s not so much an excuse as “bleep happens”. Northrop Grumman has apologized for the last major extended Virginia data center failure, sort of. Published accounts attribute the chaos to multiple failures of primary and secondary storage systems. From the article we get:

“In its apology, Northrop Grumman … went on to say that problems of this sort are not unusual with large technology transformation programs. ”

Um, yes, yes they are, when the program is being run competently. I’ve seen this excuse used a lot recently and it’s the one thing I could think of that will NOT inspire customer confidence in you. Northrop Grumman, this week’s winner of the special “bleep happens” bozo award.

In another example of how NOT to run things, Microsoft blew up Hotmail for at least 16 hours on Thursday. The automatic response “well it only affected a ‘small number’ of users” is nearly as bad as the Northrup Grumman “bleep happens” defense. Call this one “well at least it was only small scale bleep that happened”. Of course, how “small” can a 16 hour service outage really be?

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