Friday data center tidbits: Virginia bozos the data center

First up today is the piece about the state of Virginia having a major data center outage. Here’s yet another catastrophe that’s the result of poorly planned and executed maintenance work (technicians were “checking for faulty storage equipment”? Do you not know it’s faulty or not BEFORE you start screwing around with it?). If there was even a chance that this could happen, it should have been done in a maintenance window well outside of business hours. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be surprising, considering this is the bunch that had rampant failures in their network because they didn’t bother to specify any redundancy in the contract.

The head of the Viriginia Information Technology Agency is quoted as saying sometimes failures happen no matter what you do. Not the kind of thing you want to hear from your IT people after doing something glaringly dumb.

The shipment of multicolored wigs and red squeaky noses is on its way to the Virginia Information Technology Agency, data center bozos of the week!

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