Wednesday data center tidbits: geothermal #datacenter cooling, #cloudcomputing and the Fed (again)

First up today is the piece about using geothermal cooling for data centers. In some ways, this is a great idea. You’re using the naturally cool deep earth as a heat sink for the data center waste heat and it’s a totally self contained system, you’re not throwing away precious fresh water. On the bad side, you’re expending energy to pump water (which is fairly heavy) in the opposite direction the waste heat in it wants to move it via convection. I don’t know, call me skeptical on this one.

Next up is the piece about the federal CIOs issuing a “cloud computing privacy framework”. The issue here appears to be mostly who owns customer data stored on a cloud. This is ridiculous. The customer owns the data, PERIOD. The cloud provider STORES the data on behalf of the customer. I don’t know where this goofy idea comes from that the cloud provider would have ANY right to use the customer’s data they’re storing (unless some sort of agreement specifically gave them that privilege). This isn’t rocket science and it’s not anywhere the level of crisis that the “cloud is dangerous!” crowd is making it out to be.

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