Monday data center tidbits: #cloudcomputing liability, crippling servers to cool

First up today is the piece about cloud computing provider liability limits. The real issue here isn’t about who accepts responsibility for what, it’s paying for the level of liability the customer wants. It seems to me a combination of customers bottom feeding for rock bottom prices and then expecting the provider to take on a liability commitment that could easily bankrupt the provider. Low cost, ultra high expectation sounds like a nightmare.

Next up is a piece about comparing colocation to cloud computing. The key here is the potential customer’s server utilization. Without cloud computing, I think it’s very difficult to achieve high utilization of standalone server hardware.

Last up is the story about scaling back server performance to reduce heating load during cooling failures. Aside from the issue of a data center that has repetitive cooling failures and obviously not enough redundancy, I can’t see this as being as effective as powering down some amount of capacity.

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