Wednesday data center tidbits: Microsoft’s new “hybrid cloud server”?

First up today is reading about Microsoft’s new Aurora small business server and it doesn’t add up. The article claims “Hybrid Small Business Server, codenamed “Aurora” can run on premises and cloud apps”. How does a local server “run” cloud apps? Here’s a clue: if it’s running on single on premises server (ie not a private cloud), then it’s NOT cloud.

Next up is the piece about Equinix building new data centers with raised floors. I don’t know, maybe their customers are insisting on raised floor because they’re stuck in the old common wisdom that that was the way to do it, but I can’t come up with a single good reason to use raised floors in ANY new data center.

Last up is a piece about putting a data center in a former Model T factory. This is a brilliant reuse of resources. It makes the best possible use of the embodied carbon in the existing building and it reuses a building that, for all it’s age, is perfectly suited for a data center (I run my data center in an 1800’s former New England textile mill). New isn’t necessarily better.


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