Thursday data center tidbits:Laying down the smack on laying down the cloud computing law.

First up today is a piece about laying down the cloud computing uptime law. Just what we need, government regulation of the cloud computing providers because enterprise customers can’t manage to negotiate the SLA they want for the price they want. The fact that cloud computing providers have enough business growth and customers with their products that they don’t feel the need to jump through special hoops suggests these enterprises need to rethink their approach and no, government regulation isn’t the answer. Welcome to the free market, baby.

Next up is the piece about the trouble going to Google Apps. Not excusing Google customer service issues, but if your people are so wed to Microsoft Outlook, any attempt to move to anything else is going to fail, whether it’s any good or not.

Finally, there’s an amusing piece on stupid data center tricks. It’s certainly true that an awful lot of high profile data center problems have been the result of abysmal judgment but the big take away here is to have people that actually know enough to be able to do the right thing when things go beyond preplanned procedures.

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