Growing the cloud. #cloudcomputing

We’re growing the cloud again! SwiftWater Telecom is pleased to announce the latest features and products for our cloud computing service!

Self provisioning: Just fill out a simple form to register as a customer, place your order online, and your virtual server is automatically created for you, fast and easy!

Control panel: With our new user control panel, you’re in full control of your virtual server. Start, stop, reboot, add features, statistics, control of your service is yours!

More supported systems: In addition to CentOS (5.5) Linux, we now offer Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (10.04)(server and desktop variants) and Debian Lenny (5.0.5) Linux as well! Don’t see your operating system here? Ask us to add it!

Add to this watchdog services that keep your virtual server up and running as well as powerful packages (high reliability web site, business server, etc) combined with multiple green energy efficient data centers and you have an unbeatable combination!

Visit us to learn more about cloud computing or to get started and place an order today!


swiftwater telecom rcs cloud computing logo


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