Tuesday data center tidbits: #cloudcomputing regrets?

First up is the piece about EMC shutting down it’s ATMOS cloud computing storage service. Vendors have been inadvertently competing with their own market far longer than cloud computing has been around, this isn’t a cloud phenomena.

Next up is a piece about cloud computing and data center secrecy being an IT security risk. Revealing the physical location of a public data center, offering site surveys, and being willing to talk to some general degree about data center facility and security architecture details is all reasonable. There shouldn’t be an expectation of total transparency without an NDA however (how much of your internal business operations do you reveal to the world in general?). There’s an insinuation that, if you don’t give away everything, that you must be hiding something bad.

Finally, there’s another piece about cloud computing security risks. I have no idea where people get this idea that, because data from multiple tenants is stored on the same server, that this automatically means everyone can get into your data, not to mention that you can’t investigate any security breach because tenant’s logs are “co-located”. It appears to me that most of these people are pontificating about something they’ve never worked with and don’t fully understand.

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