Monday data center tidbits: MIT babbles about cheap optical Internet, #cloudcomputing “regulation”

First up, MIT develops an Internet router that’s faster, cheaper, and makes no sense whatsoever. I don’t know if someone at MIT is having a brain cramp or it’s the fault of the journalists, but the idea that routers convert optical signals to electrical because they can’t deal with optical signals coming from different directions is stupid. Routers convert optical signals to electrical because nobody has developed an optical processor for routers. CPUs require electrical signals, hence the requirement for conversion, it isn’t any more complicated than that.

I’ve seen quite a few articles such as this one calling for “regulation of cloud computing”. Yup, this is all we need, get the government involved in regulating all cloud computing providers into uniformity so no one will ever have to bother to do their homework and understand the service they’re buying. That’s like regulating all the car manufacturers down to one because it’s too confusing to understand the differences between a Chevy and a Ford. Foolish idea.

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