Friday data center tidbits: Intuit data center face plants, Google patents stacking, and more!

First up is the piece about the 36 hour failure of Intuit’s data center as the result of a power failure cause by “routine maintenance”. What is it with data centers that they can’t resist screwing with critical power facilities in the name of “routine maintenance”? This has been an ongoing theme in major data center outages for the last several years. Really, if your primary operating power system requires true “maintenance” (and not just BS things like measuring phase rotation in live panels just to check), then you should reconsider your design. Squeaky red noses to Intuit,

News of the ridiculous: Is it REALLY a patentable idea to stack data center containers?

Finally, there’s the next big data center money giveaway, to support Microsoft in Iowa. It must be nice to be that rich and still have state governments shower you with public money.

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