Tuesday data center tidbits: crapplications in the cloud, low power cloud computing servers.

First up today is a piece about putting legacy applications on a cloud computing service. This follows right along neatly with my guidelines for what to put on a cloud:

1. Anything that will run on a modern standard operating system or anything that will run on an available emulator (mainframe apps in the cloud, anyone?).

2. Anything that doesn’t require direct access to specialized hardware.

3. Anything that doesn’t require nuclear codes grade security.

4. Anything that isn’t performance sensitive to back end services (we offer a hybrid cloud/dedicated setup for best performance of database servers).

Next up is the piece about SeaMicro’s new data center low power “cloud computing” server. It’s impressive that they managed to cram that many CPU cores into that amount of space and low power, I think this is going to suffer from the same issue that “cloud computing” CPUs like the 48 core ones from Intel will. I think it will be pretty darned near impossible to wedge enough memory in to take advantage of the CPU cores. This would probably make a heck of a parallel computing box but in my experience, the typical cloud computing environment runs out of memory long before CPU.

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