Friday data center tidbits:reducing federal data centers, WordPress face plants.

First up is the piece about Obama ordering federal agencies to reduce the number of data centers they have. The idea that any federal agency requires 20 data centers is bad enough but the point that shutting down certain single data centers will cost 1000 jobs each is totally ridiculous. I don’t want to think about how bad a data center has to be to need 1000 people to run it (for comparison, Microsoft runs their massive 700,000 sq ft Chicago data center with just 45 people).

Second is the piece about the recent outage. I’m not going to start on the roll out of obviously inadequately tested software (this is a bit like the massive DNS foul up in Sweden caused by an untested script) but I will note that this is one of the real risks to cloud computing. It’s not a problem with cloud computing itself persay, but cloud computing allows you to break a lot more stuff with resultant widespread chaos if you’re not paying attention to what you’re doing. Squeaky red noses to

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