Thursday data center tidbits:#cloudcomputing quote of the week and more!

This week’s cloud computing quote comes from this article about cloud computing vendor lock in:

“…in other words, “if I just raise a bunch of concerns about the dangers of cloud computing, I can avoid having to do anything.”

In my mind, this is where the issue of being able to switch suppliers lies. Again, instead of reaching for perfection in cloud computing, one would be far better served by putting applications into a cloud environment and gaining actual experience.”

Absolutely spot on!

Red squeaky noses to Twitter for ongoing problems managing their data center network capacity. Kudos to Twitter for providing a good example of how to gracefully degrade the service in the face of capacity problems and keeping it’s most important core services going.

The final comment comes from a piece about Unisys having it’s air cargo software in “the cloud” for 7 years. Web based? Sure. SaaS? Sure. Cloud computing? Doesn’t sound like it to me. Just another attempt to glue the term cloud to everything.

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