Tuesday data center tidbits:bailing out the data center basement, the great data center tax giveaway, and more!

First up today is the piece about the flood in the Dallas County data center, caused by a ruptured water main. Not having backup servers is bad enough, but putting your backup power equipment below grade is just ridiculous (I’m reminded of a big city data center outage last year where they put the backup generator in the basement as well). Data center bozos of the week (dis)honors go to the Dallas County IT department!

With all the massive tax break giveaways and other incentives being thrown at already rich companies to attract data center projects, someone else gets the idea that these aren’t about creating jobs:

“But as I’ve tried to tell my neighbors for years, data centers themselves don’t generate a lot of jobs. And the latest news from HP — automated data centers play a big role in its headcount reductions — only reinforce that message.”

Well, I guess getting a Microsoft data center is at least publicity anyways.

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