Thursday data center tidbits: boneheaded data center efficiency statistics and more!

First up today, we have a piece about the EPA’s Energy Star data center rating system. Proving the old saw about lies, damn lies, and statistics, we get:

“Of the numerous variables analyzed, only the annual IT energy consumption was found to be statistically significant in explaining the variation in energy use; data showed that facilities with higher IT energy consumption have lower PUE values, on average. The final regression model predicts a PUE value based on the IT energy.”

This has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Data centers with high power consumption are expected to get better PUE? Based on what?

So, not only is the measurement a crock (PUE), the target the data center is measured against is conjured out of thin air and about as substantial.

Next is from a piece asking “Is virtualization cloud computing?“. We get this jewel from this reading:

“To continue this analogue, cloud computing can happen without virtualization. Certain hardware, operating system and even application clusters can deliver cloud services. ”

Cloud computing is an extension of virtualization, it’s not possible to separate the two and still have something meaningfully labeled as cloud computing. Sorry, go sit in the corner with everyone else who misuses the term cloud.

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