Monday data center tidbits:PUE, HUE, alphabet soup, wind power to hydro

First up today, we have yet another whack at producing a better data center efficiency metric than PUE, HUE and RPHE. The idea is that the percentage of data center power being used for servers times the theoretical max CPU performance of the server gives the efficiency of generating CPU cycles, then HUE indicates how efficiently you’re using the CPU cycles. The problem is that this totally ignores IT equipment that isn’t a server (like all your networking equipment) and ignores the substantial power consumption of the disk storage. So close, black flagged on the last lap.

Next up is the piece about Washington and Oregon wind farms for renewable energy. Obviously, one of the problems with wind for data center powering is the uneven nature of the power output. What I take away from this piece is the absolutely brilliant idea of using wind power to pump water between two reservoirs and use the water to produce nice even hydro power out. I can’t imagine it would require $2B to do this though.

Ask me about our new data center space, now available, with green DC power and free air cooling!


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