Wednesday data center tidbits: HP, manure, #cloud computing, and more!

First up today is reading about HP doing research on using methane from cow manure to power a data center. I’ve seen HP turn things brown and smelly before, but at least they’re admitting it this time. I can just see the slogan for this one, “BROWN is the new GREEN!”.

From the same piece, we get:

“I don’t think you want to ship the manure to Silicon Valley.”

I think that would be slightly redundant.

The next piece is about cloud computing providers failing to get the message across to small to medium enterprises. The telling quote here is this:

“The UK market seems to be confused by jargon and synonymous terminology and appears to have been susceptible to scaremongering by on-premise providers.”

There we go, spread enough doubt and confusion and you can scare anyone away from anything.

Finally we have the piece on building ROI from cloud computing. Under the section “What can I not put in the cloud?”, we get:

“Answers typically include UNIX systems, mainframes …”

Unix can’t go on a cloud? Considering that there are a number of open source Unixes that are perfectly happy on a cloud, I’d call this one a miss. As for mainframes, slap an emulator on a Linux virtual machine and your 1960’s mainframe app can live on a cloud too!

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