Friday data center tidbits: Amazon bozos #cloudcomputing (again)(and again and again)

Today I’ve been reading more detail into yet another recent data center power failure of the Amazon EC2 cloud computing service. There isn’t much they could do about having a car crash into a utility pole, but the rest of it is purely ridiculous.

1. The transfer switch that failed came with a different default configuration than their regular ones. What kind of a bonehead installs a critical piece of gear like a transfer switch (or any other piece of data center infrastructure equipment) without checking the configuration? Operate like this and you deserve what you get.

2. This is a perfect example why trying to save money with absolutely minimum run time power back up is a dumb idea. Sure, if everything goes perfectly, 15 seconds to get a generator started is fine. Gambling that you aren’t going to need enough run time to deal with a problem is a bad risk.

3. Excusing this by saying only some customers were affected does not inspire confidence. Just how many more of these misconfigured transfer switches are out there waiting to screw up?

This is the first time I’ve ever had anyone double up on data center bozo of the week. I’ll take suggestions from the floor on what would be an appropriate award for this dubious honor.

Email or call me or visit the SwiftWater Telecom web site for green and reliable data center DC power, bozo free!


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