Monday data center tidbits:Amazon bozos cloud computing (again)

I’ve just been reading about the latest failure of Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing service. This is screwed up on so many levels.

1. Would you REALLY run operating servers from just a generator alone? Did Amazon learn nothing from the IBM debacle that blew Air New Zealand out of the water?

2. Power segmentation in the data center serving cloud computing hosts is critical. The same failure that used to take down one customer now takes down 10 (or more).

3. Taking 7 hours to restore virtual machines (instances) is ridiculous.

It appears to me that Amazon instances can’t be restarted on anything except the physical hosts they were running on. This flies in the face of the very idea of cloud computing.

In our cloud computing service, virtual machine and host watchdogs monitor for failures of virtual machines and physical hosts. Virtual machines that fail are automatically restarted, physical cloud hosts that fail are automatically cleared and their virtual machines restarted on a running host, maximum time to restore customer virtual machines (short of a total meltdown) is 15 minutes. 7 hours is pathetic.

Data center bozos of the week goes out to Amazon (your multicolored wigs and squeaky noses are in the mail, guys!).

Email or call me or visit the SwiftWater Telecom web site for cloud computing services, bozo free!


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