#cloudcomputing gone ridiculous. #datacenter

I just got through reading a claim that cloud computing providers are hypocritical. This has to be pretty close to the silliest thing I’ve ever read.

The point being made here, as far as I can tell, is that, since cloud computing resembles a public utility, and the big cloud providers ( as well as every other data center) have generators because they don’t trust a mature service like commercial power, this proves they’re hypocritical when they ask businesses to trust them because cloud computing is a lot less mature. Where the heck do I start with this one.

First up, you’d have to consider every decent data center out there hypocritical, since no one in their right mind who farms computers “trusts” the commercial power grid, no matter how mature it is. Would you bet your business computers on the commercial power being perfect? Untrimmed trees, maintenance sloppiness, transformer failures, I don’t care how reliable it’s been, it’s eventually going to let you down.

So the claim of hypocrisy comes because cloud computing providers ask businesses to trust their data to the Internet and the Internet fails sometimes. So does the commercial power grid. So do businesses own in house computers. By that measure, every computer manufacturer is hypocritical for asking their customers to put their trust in computers that can and do fail.

Oh, wait a minute, I’m supposed to be comparing this to public utilities. Ever notice that every telephone office (a public utility) has a backup generator too? By that measure, they’re hypocritical too!

Not that I’m defending the outages that major cloud providers have had (mostly attributable to human stupidity) but this is just silly. Anything based on technology can fail at any time. Power grids, telephones, cloud computing, even your precious in house servers you love to hug. Some places in the country have well documented and incredibly bad problems with commercial power reliability.

The smart way to handle things that are fallible is not to put your eggs all in one basket (backup generators, redundant service with 2 or more cloud providers). Of course, you could always go back to paper and oil lamps to make sure nothing was ever going to fail on you.

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