Wednesday data center tidbits: #cloudcomputing security and green-ness road apples.

First up is the piece about cloud computing making businesses vulnerable. The only things being harped on here are that attacks are going up (exactly the same “vulnerability” for dedicated servers as cloud computing) and businesses aren’t encrypting their data (exactly the same “vulnerability” for dedicated servers as cloud computing). So just how does this prove cloud computing is more vulnerable to attack than a dedicated server and how is the failure of businesses to encrypt their data the fault of cloud computing? What a load of horse puckey.

Next up is a piece questioning if cloud computing is really green at all. Um, no, you don’t have to wonder. Replace 10 underutilized dedicated physical servers with a single 90% utilized physical server and that’s green, period. There’s no great conspiracy to hide data center energy usage metrics related to cloud computing, I suspect the reason is that the primary metric right now (PUE) is a load of hooey for comparing different data centers. I will say, for the sake of easing the conspiracy theorists minds, that the average PUE of our primary cloud computing is 1.22 and I think that’s pretty darn green by anyone’s measure.

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