Tuesday data center tidbits: #cloudcomputing negative hype, Yahoo data center cooling.

First up today is reading about the security PR problem of cloud computing. This just goes to show that hype can be spread both ways. Don’t like something? Nothing spreads FUD like the Internet, throw out a lot of vague “well it COULD happen!” and watch the chaos. The fact is that the largest risk to anyone on a cloud computing virtual machine is exactly the same as it is for a dedicated server. Bad system administration practices are still be easiest way to violate a server’s security.

Next is reading about the Yahoo computing “coop” data center design being the shape of things to come. Using clerestory monitors for cooling is more like shades of the past (these are clerestory monitors, NOT cupolas). The clerestory monitor has been around for 150+ years on the New England textile mills, among others (I’ve written previously on the blog about repurposing former mill space for data centers).

Last is the piece about the Yahoo data center in upstate New York. The takeaway point from this is that traditional data center raised floor takes 3x the amount of fan horsepower because the air flow is so lousy. Why in the heck would anyone these days put raised floors in a data center?

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