Monday data center tidbits: #cloudcomputing not so fatal flaw and more.

First up today is a strange piece about how the recent debacle of the screwed up McAfee debate proves a “flaw” in cloud computing. Number one, McAfee’s distribution of software updates bears NO resemblance to cloud computing at all (I call cloudwashing!). Number two, given the recent Microsoft update follies, it’s entirely possible to have your precious local server go toes up from a software bug too. Number three, with the possible exception of some captive SaaS applications, it’s entirely possible to back your data up from a cloud. Finally, set up a redundant configuration using 2 clouds, either from 2 different providers or the same provider in different physical locations (as we do with our cloud computing services) and you’ll find the big bad cloud computing “flaw” looks more like a molehill.

Next up is the piece about cloud computing not being a panacea. Um, yes, it is perfectly simple to prove cloud computing is less expensive than running your own servers (and I’ll be happy to do it for you!) and I’ll be happy to provide our reliability information. The problem is that the author hasn’t figured out how to set up redundant virtual servers to handle a cloud outage. Sure, most clouds have a quite a bit of redundancy built in but it’s NOT a substitute for good network design.

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