Tuesday data center tidbits:SSDs vs hard drives, data center retrofit

First off today is reading about SSDs (solid state drives) and where they fit into the network, servers, storage, etc. These things are “quite inexpensive”? $6900 for 320GB, $11000 for 146GB (minimum of 3 required for $33000!), or the bargain basement price of $2000 for just 64GB? Are you kidding? At less than $100 for 1TB hard drives, these things have maybe a use as strategically positioned accelerators for critical services or where cost is no issue. Otherwise, I don’t think the mechanical hard drive has much to worry about.

Next is this little piece about data center retrofit strategies. Doing something different with the data center UPS is a no-brainer, but changing the PDUs? A PDU doesn’t consume any power. Don’t change your data center PDUs expecting your electrical usage to go down from it.

Email or call me or visit the SwiftWater Telecom web site for truly green data center services and data center engineering that makes sense!


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