Monday data center tidbits. #cloudcomputing rants, #datacenter DC power

First up is reading a rant about losing data in “the cloud” and how cloud computing is unreliable. I’ve got two pieces of news: banks have been screwing up customer’s online accounts and transactions long before cloud computing came along and there’s no indication (and it’s quite unlikely) that a bank is using any form of cloud computing for customer accounts and financial transactions. Blaming an obviously human error on “the cloud” and cloud computing is just silly cloudwashing.

Next up is reading about DC power distribution in the data center. The idea of “standardizing” on 380VDC for the voltage is a curious one. Presuming you’re going to float a battery string on this for backup as is standard practice, and that most batteries are built as multiples of 6 cells, you’d expect to want a voltage divisible by 6 (12/24/48VDC etc). Unless you’re planning to build your battery string from individual 2VDC cells, skip this turkey.

Email or call me or visit the SwiftWater Telecom web site for sensible green data center DC power engineering!


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