Wednesday data center tidbits, cloud computing apps boomerang?

First up is the story about cloud computing applications boomeranging. The cause of this isn’t that developers are going off the reservation and developing their apps in public clouds, the cause is the “slow and steady it will take years for our company to create an official cloud computing strategy” approach combined with massive pressure to do more with less and do it faster. If you want an official cloud computing strategy, you better get it in BEFORE the demand, otherwise your IT people are going to do what they have to to survive.

The next piece is about disclosing water usage by data centers. Water is the next big big resource to come under scrutiny, if your data center is just chucking it away, you better rethink and fast.

Also, how green does that make your fancy data center if the utility has to suck up enormous amounts of power feeding you massive amounts of water?

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swiftwater telecom rcs cloud computing logo


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