Of data centers, clouds, and the Intercloud.

I was just reading about interconnecting and scaling across cloud computing clouds. Personally, I think this is way out in left field.

Basically, the idea, the way I read it, is to create a single cloud on top of multiple clouds to tie clouds together because you can’t exchange data between them and they don’t work seamlessly together. It sounds like a grand idea but I think it misses the boat by a mile.

The main problem is the idea that a cloud is some sort of homogeneous blob that you can draw a nice neat square around on your diagrams (or a cutesy outline of a cloud). A cloud isn’t a server. It isn’t a data center either although it comes closer. Unless your entire data center is doing nothing but one single job, how can you “black box” it? I think it’s a great mistake to try to oversimplify a cloud doing thousands, or even millions of different things into one nice neat little package.

The next idea is that clouds as distinct entities have to communicate with each other or else they’re walled gardens. I find this idea a little silly. I wrote a post a while back that looked at a configuration of extending a data center into the cloud by using a load balancer cloudblock on our cloud computing service, a web server cloudblock, and a dedicated web server in the customer’s data center. This is a seamless integration (there’s no difference to the user based on where the data is coming from) and could be done every bit as easily and perfectly scalable across any number of clouds.

The point about moving data around so it’s in an optimal location on the net for the user to reach it isn’t a bad one. Content delivery networks have been wrestling with this for years. I just think it’s going to be a long time before cloud computing is a major force in this, Intercloud or not.

The idea that you can’t have any control or security moving data between applications or servers on different clouds has me scratching my head. Oh, wait a minute, you can move data without any problem at all between services running on multiple clouds, you just can’t move data between these vague and amorphous blobs known as CLOUD. Just what in the heck is the point here?

Trying to patch another layer of unnecessary complication on top of cloud computing is ridiculous.

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