Monday data center tidbits.

First up this morning was reading about the guiding principles for data center efficiency metrics. Regular readers of my blog know that I have some substantial problems with the use of PUE as a comparison metric, but this is truly strange. Take this clause:

“For a dedicated data center, total energy measurement should include all energy sources at the point of utility handoff. For data centers in larger buildings, total energy should include all cooling, lighting, and support infrastructure, in addition to IT load”

This implies that certain data centers will be allowed not to include lighting and even cooling in their PUE calculations, skewing those numbers WAY out of whack. How the heck can you apply a metric fairly without applying it the same way to all data centers?

Next up is the piece about earthquakes and data centers. All the seismic protection for the data center is impressive, but I wonder how this can possibly be better economically than not putting the data center in a seismically vulnerable location in the first place.

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