Friday data center tidbits.

I was just reading today about why it’s green to repair IT equipment. The sad fact is, most data center gear is not repairable at a level lower than swapping major components such as full boards and that’s only going to get worse with newer manufacturing techniques (you trade off reduced cost and reduced resource usage up front for not being able to repair it). Getting the most life out of servers and other data center gear is certainly a smart thing to do, but when it reaches the point where the cost of operating it isn’t paying for itself, it’s time for it to take a hike.

Next up is the piece about cloud computing lifting business out of the muck. The key point here for me is that IT departments are under pressure to provide rapid responses. Like cloud computing or not, waffle and fudge over vague cloud security boogeymen, preach the evil conspiracy of cloud computing (Richard Stallman), but this is going to happen and it’s going to pick up steam. Run with the bulls or end up road pizza.

If you want to stay ahead of the bulls, email or call me or visit the SwiftWater Telecom web site for cloud computing services!


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