Cloud computing servers powered by onboard hydroelectric micro turbines.

SwiftWater Telecom announced today that it will begin conversion of all cloud computing servers in its Biddeford ME data center to direct water power. Company representatives expect that this move will reduce the facility’s carbon to virtually zero, making it the greenest facility of it’s type on the planet, setting a new standard.

Vernon Burke, founder of the company, explains the idea behind this innovation: “Traditional hydroelectric power is inefficient, since the electricity has to be generated and then transmitted to the facility. What we’re doing is taking advantage of our position in a former New England textile mill to cut out the middleman in the process!” Such mills
were orginally powered directly by water and Burke thinks that its time for the idea to come around full circle.

Implementation will involve reactivating the original water tunnels under the mill that once powered the textile machinery. All servers will be equipped with state of the art micro turbine generators on industry standard PCI cards with an option of dual micro turbine cards for redundancy. “The best part is, this allows us to also use the water for cooling theserver as well! No more energy hungry air conditioning! Lets see those wussies at Google beat that!”, Burke said.”It’s time for us to really live up to our name!”

For more information or to comment on this press release, please contact:

Prill Aloof at or 207-399-7108
SwiftWater Telecom

swiftwater telecom logo


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