Monday data center tidbits.

The “duh” award for most obvious statement of the day comes from this article about the next steps for green IT:

“That capability could save energy because a computer that’s off, most experts agree, is more efficient than one that’s in sleep mode ..”

Um, DUH! I’m glad we had experts to reveal this.

From the same article, we get duh #2, the idea that data center servers that will accept high AC voltages such as 480VAC are more efficient. Until they make chips that use 500V, the voltage STILL has to be stepped down. All you’re doing with the scenario is moving the inefficiency (and all the heat load) inside the server, the last place in the world that you want it.

If you want to get rid of the transformer penalties of AC, go DC in the data center and forget shuffling the penalty around.

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