Saturday data center tidbits.

I was just reading today about 4 trends in the new data center. What caught my eye first was a quote in the section about I/O virtualization:

“Take into consideration VMware’s best practices recommendation that you assign 1G port per virtual machine (VM). With newer 24-core servers, you could theoretically run at least 24 and maybe as many as 50 VMs on a single piece of hardware, which in turn would mean needing 50 1G ports, Harbaugh says. ”

Good grief. Would you REALLY assign a dedicated physical 1GbE port to every single virtual machine? After you find a server you can cram that many ports into, what’s the point?

The second “trend” from the article is the ability of servers to handle crazy amounts of virtual machines based on increasing numbers of CPU cores. As I’ve written before, the limit on virtual machines isn’t raw CPU power, it’s the amount of memory available. Spend the money on these gold plated CPUs and then find out you can’t cram enough memory in to use it.

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