Friday data center tidbits.

I was just reading about cloud computing economics and some of the numbers struck me. $8000 a square foot to build out a cloud? Are they gold plating the darned servers?
And how bad do you have to be not to make your capex back in less than a year on co-location space?

Next up is the piece about Dell offering private cloud servers. Do we really need special servers just for PRIVATE cloud computing? I call cloudwash.

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2 responses to “Friday data center tidbits.

  1. Have you priced out large scale storage systems? High end network gear (Routers, Load Balancing Switches, etc.)? When you build the levels of redundancy and resiliency expected in high-volume compute clusters prices increase at an exponential scale.

    • Strangely enough, I do know, since I’m an active cloud engineer. Still sounds quite high to me, especially since the linked article notes that others are doing it for a lot less.


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