Using cloud computing, enterprise grade computing for small to medium business.

This post is the next in my series about how to put cloud computing to good use. It’s no good unless you can apply it!

There’s lots of talk about the benefits of cloud computing to businesses of any size, from lower cost to flexibility to reliability. One thing that doesn’t get mentioned is that any business of any size can now have an enterprise grade facility, quickly, easily, and without having to staff their own IT department.

Take, for example, SwiftWater Telecom’s CloudBlocks. These are preconfigured server templates that allow a customer to specify an enterprise class network and server configuration just as easy as snapping child’s building blocks together. With blocks such as network (Vyatta virtual router and firewall, private virtual switches, web load balancer with failover), application servers (web, email, DNS, and file server, WordPress, Zenoss network management), and virtual desktops, any business has the tools to handle the most demanding networking and server job.

For example, add a virtual router, 2 private virtual switches, a load balancer, and 2 web server blocks. Now you not only have a powerful, highly secure web server that can not only balance loads between its own 2 web server blocks but balance with or fail over to any web server anywhere on the Internet, with the protection, control, and other features of the virtual router and firewall, all in less than a day after order! Opt for the managed versions and get your engineering and support included!

This has not only eliminated the cost (I estimate that this configuration would cost 10x as much to buy and deploy physical hardware to support ), it has made it literally as easy as pushing a button.

This is the real promise of cloud computing.

Email or call me or visit the SwiftWater Telecom web site to configure your own enterprise grade cloud computing services for your small business!


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