Thursday data center tidbits.

First up is the story about the difficulty of calculating ROI with cloud computing. The simple answer is, it’s ridiculous to try to calculate the monetary value of how much more agile cloud computing makes the business (how do you pin a firm number on something as nebulous as agility?). Calculate the cost of being that agile with classic data center techniques and THEN you have real numbers to compare cloud computing to.

Next up is the story about the new submerged server liquid cooling system. I’m not going to comment on the liquid cooling idea, but I was interested to see the claim that this system will cool 100kW of power in a 42U rack. For the record, 100kW is over 400A at 240VAC or over 800A at 120VAC. Would you really try to cram 800A worth of load into a single 42U rack?

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